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Not only is The Dressing Code a mobile fashion hub, we also offer styling and imagine services. It's time to take your passion and turn it into style.

Believe it or not your success can be a reflection of your style and vice versa. Services such as personal styling use to be reserved for celebrities and the rich and famous. Now it's with-in reach of anyone who needs fashion or styling advice.


How can we help?

We can assist you from start to finish, starting at shape wear and ending at toe polish. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed and need  fresh outlook, a do over, a restart. Out with the old and in with the new!


Current Wardrobe?

Some people think we need a 17 floor walk in closet (I mean it would be nice) what we really need is clothing function. We can donate or pre-purpose items. We look for pieces that serve multiple purposes. Pieces we can design to fit the office or cocktail hour. We need functional, fun and flirty OR quiet, quaint and  reserved.  We will bring your closet and style to life.

At The Dress Code we focus on your

1. Body shape

2. Skin tone 

3. Hair color

4. Career / Lifestyle

5. Likes and dislikes

We also focus on what your wardrobe is missing and what we need to add to it. Our services are cost effective and pocket friendly.

Are you going on a 1st date? Meeting your significant others parents for the 1st time? Job interview? Going on a cruise? Speaking at a public event? Pregnant? Post pregnancy? Whatever the occasion The Dressing Code will make sure you are comfortable, fashionable and ready!

Your first styling session will include a detailed review of what you would like assistance with, how we can assist you, a styling plan that will cover your body shape and skin tone,and a goody bag of merchandise that is valued at over $100 specific to your size.

Remember if you want it, dress for it!


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